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PostSubject: RECHARGING CRYSTALS   Fri Mar 06, 2009 5:15 pm


When crystals and stones are used for healing purposes, they become very receptive to the vibrations of the individuals that they are working with. They can pickup and retain their healing process, the stone actually can become energized and will not need special cleansing. In these cases the stones can be kept in a well lighted room (preferably sunlight) or on a large quartz clusters to receive ample cleansing and recharging. If, however, an individual is in need of deep healing or is unwilling or unable to actively take part in his/her own healing process, it is likely that the stones will give much of their own light and energy to aid in the healing. In contributing so much they can become drained of their own vital forces and in these cases, should be cleansed and reenergized before being used again. When crystals or stones are in need of purifying they often lose their radiance and become dull and clouded. As you work with crystal healing and get to know the unique energy of each of your healing stones, you will be able to easily tell which stones need more intense cleansing.

There are several ways to effectively cleanse and recharge crystals and healing stones. One of the most simple ways is to use the healing forces of nature by utilizing the rejuvenating properties of the sun and water. In this method the stones or crystals are held in the hand as cool water is poured over them (it is also possible to hold them under a running tap or faucet). Then place them in the sun (preferably outside) and allow the sun's rays to shine through them for at least thirty minutes. Afterwards gently polish the stones with a clean white cotton cloth. If you are fortunate enough to live by the ocean, a lake, or a fresh water stream, this method can be used as the active motion of natural waters runs over them, purifying and recharging. Then continue with a sunlight bath and polishing. Crystals and stones love to be in natural environments and waters. It is therefore advised to hold on tightly while cleansing them in rapidly moving water, for it is not unlikely that they would prefer to stay there and jump out of your hands, never to be seen again!

For general cleansing and recharging one can use a clear quartz cluster and four single terminated quartz crystals. Stones in need of cleansing are placed upon the cluster with the four single quartz placed with the terminated end pointing towards the cluster. Create a cross formation around the cluster by placing the single crystals in north, south, east and west directions. In this way the single points charge the cluster which in turn recharges the stones. Stones can be left on the cluster for an indefinite amount of time, possibly even becoming the home for the stones in between crystal healing. Quartz clusters themselves rarely need cleansing due to the intense light reflection off of the multi-terminated points which creates a force field that is self-energizing. If, however, you sense that the cluster does require cleansing, the water-sun method is best to use.

If you choose to personally recharge your special stones or ones that need quality attention, hold them in your rich hand, close your eyes, and send your won healing energy into them. Envision a beam of brilliant white light entering through the top of your head, connecting with the love at your heart chakra and then extending down your arm into your hand into the stone. If you choose, you can visualize a thermometer-type scale with numbers on it from one to ten. As you concentrate on channeling healing light into the stone see the light rise up the scale until it reaches ten, then maintain it there for at least three minutes. In this way you can recharge stones that you frequently work with your own healing energy. Energizing stones in this fashion programs them not only with your own personal essence but also with the power or universal white light. Stones that are worked with often in this way can increase their healing power up to ten times, becoming more beautiful and radiant than they were originally.

Stones or crystals that have become exceptionally drained or have been misused can be cleansed by submerging them in salt (preferably sea salt). Fill a clear glass or crystal bowl with salt, completely bury the stone in the salt and leave it for three days. The salt will neutralize the negative charge and draw out the impurities, restoring harmony and balance to the stone. Upon removing the stone from the salt, rinse it in cool water and lit it dry in the sun. The salt should be disposed of and not reused. At times it may be necessary to cleanse stones in several different ways if they are very polluted or depleted. For example, a friend had sprained her ankle and we placed a small malachite stone under the ace bandage to draw out the pain. After about twelve hours her ankle was almost healed but the malachite stone was practically dead from absorbing so much trauma. It had become dull and lifeless and had lost all of its ability to reflect light. The small malachite stone went immediately into intensive care and it was several months before it recovered. First it was submerged in salt for three days, then cleansed with the water-sun method, then personally charged, and finally took up residence on a beautiful clear quartz cluster. The stone is still not as vibrant as it was, and probably never will be, but it served to teach me the lesson that it is not possible for a small little malachite stone to take on such a big healing and survive the challenge.

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