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 will someone help?

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PostSubject: will someone help?   will someone help? EmptyWed Dec 22, 2010 2:29 am

I know I'm not a member yet vbut my thing said its still inactive but I really need help and this is the one place I knew where to turn. Alright so last night I placed out a few things for the fae oranges, almonsa, milk, and marshmellows. I told them that it was for them and to enjoy.
So the next morning I checked the food and their were bits in the marshmellows oranges were cracked in half but I noticed the milk was in iron and I apoligized a million times for it Smile so then I placed out grapes almonds and more marshmellows. Then some shells shiny jewles and sat out side trying to sew them clothing made from flowers. Didn't work to well >.< haha I also played some celtic woman music and talked to them.
But then latter on that night I was watching and I saw a bright blue light flash and disappere from the place were I put out the things. I was scared at first then tried to over come it with super happy feelings. Then a few momments ago I was online and saw somthing in my kitchen. I don't live on any bust roads our backyard blocks off all other lights. So then I prayed for god to show me that they were real and for him to forgive my sins and send good fairies not bad one.
So I was wondering what might this be??
We also have a fairy doll in our backyard I call her mama bear Smile
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will someone help? Empty
PostSubject: Re: will someone help?   will someone help? EmptySat Apr 30, 2011 1:30 pm

Dear Queen, What you saw was defiinitely Faery - I've been reading for several years now encounters where they will appear as flying blue lights- I believe who you saw was a Pixie-- as they have been known to appear like that .

One of these Beings noticed how you were making them feel welcome, and permitted you to see them. So keep opening your heart to them- and letting them know the ones who love God are always welcome with you.

I'm a Christian too, at 48 years young now-- and had asked God to allow me to see one of these Beings if they truly exist- and He actually answered my prayer 3 years ago-- (5/31/08)
So, yes, they do exist . God did create these joyful intelligent Beings probably way before humans.

There are Faery who , sadly have chosen to work for Satan, yet there are many who love our Creator and lovingly tend to ministering to the plants and trees, and even wild animals and humans that need healing-.

I hope you continue to see and feel the faery realm all your life.

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will someone help?
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